Humour failure





For those of you not familiar with UK politics, Lord Steel is the one-time leader of the Liberal party, also one-time Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, now a life peer in the House of Lords, and a vocal member of the No campaign against Scottish Independence. Murdo Fraser is a Tory MSP (Member of Scottish Parliament) and former Deputy Leader of the Scottish Conservatives. Now I know we shouldn’t expect much from a Tory, but really, using an allusion to domestic abuse as a means of getting a cheap dig at a political opponent, it’s not on, right? 

He then retweeted someone else saying ‘oh come on, Murdo Fraser was clearly joking. Phoney twitter outrage such as this is getting a bit tiresome’. This was a view repeated in various places. Oh for goodness sake, it’s just a joke, get over yourself, he’s not talking about YOU, this is trivial, why get yourself all worked up over nothing.

Well. Interestingly Murdo Fraser had a different opinion on making jokes about violence against women in August last year (commenting on this

Last night, the senior Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said: “Frankie Boyle already has a reputation for making offensive comments but this latest tweet is simply beyond the pale. Even trying to make a joke about violence against women is simply unacceptable.

“A comedian like Frankie Boyle thrives on the number of Twitter followers he has and those in positions of responsibility such as government ministers or MSPs should reflect on whether its appropriate for them to be swelling the numbers of those following him and therefore pandering to his inflated ego.”


Hmm. Can anyone say ‘double standards’?



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