must be flexible

Still trying to find a job that is possible for me to take with my childcare responsibilities. It used to be that jobs were generally assumed to be within ‘office hours’, that is daytime and weekdays only, and if a business wanted shifts covered outside that time, they would employ someone specifically for the purpose and pay them overtime to work unsociable hours. But now everything comes with this kind of caveat in the job ad.

‘Flexible approach to working hours whereby you may be requested to stay an hour later or leave an hour earlier than your allocated shift dependent on the needs of the store.’

‘Flexible approach to additional working hours i.e. able to work reasonable additional hours, in line with the needs of the business.’

‘Availability to work evenings, weekends and some public holidays’

‘Shifts may include: early mornings, lunchtimes, late nights, weekends’

Those four are all minimum wage, part-time jobs. They’re not offering any extra money for working outside of ‘office hours’.

Or this one, which is for a job I’m amply qualified to do, but where it’s obvious that what the employer needs is two or even three staff, but they’re not prepared to pay for them:

‘The annual salary is based on 46 hours per week. Core hours of work will be 08.30 to 17.30 with a 60 minute break. You may be required to work additional hours over and above your working week for the proper fulfilment of your duties. Paid annual holidays: 20 days plus Scottish public holidays (mainly to be taken in lieu)’

If I took that job, my childcare costs would be more than my take-home pay. Instead of accepting that employees have different personal circumstances and different needs, employers are now forcing everyone to work some unsociable hours and saying ‘well we’re not going to pay you any more to work those hours, because look, everyone has to take their share’. And enough people are desperate enough for a job, any job, that they’re queuing up to get shafted.


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