Joined up thinking

So, more misery heaped upon us in the Chancellor’s Spending Review today. Such nuggets of joy as making us wait another seven days before allowing us to claim Jobseekers’ Allowance in the event of losing our jobs. JSA claims already take about two weeks to be processed. So that’s three weeks with no money, not seven days. Of course, everyone has a bit of money put away for a rainy day though right, so that won’t be a problem at all, not even for the large numbers of people in insecure minimum wage jobs who scrape by from one payday to the next as it is. Being unemployed is also much too much fun just now, so half of all the unemployed are to be made to sign on at the Jobcentre once a week instead of once a fortnight. Only the undeserving half though, you know, the lazy feckless ones. That’s right, half of all the unemployed are just not trying hard enough and must be punished. In other REALLY SENSIBLE news, single parents are now to be expected to actively prepare for work once their youngest child turns three. Because we have widely available affordable flexible childcare once they’re three, don’t we? There’s lots of jobs that fit into 9-11.30am weekdays term-time only, aren’t there? We don’t need to get anything done while they’re at nursery anyway, what with us having really great support networks and loads of free time. So single parents will now have to ‘regularly attend’ the Jobcentre. At the same time as massively increasing the Jobcentre staff’s workload the DWP is to have its resource funding cut by 9.5% and there are to be 144,000 job losses across the public sector as a whole. You couldn’t make this shit up. Unless your pals stood to gain from ordinary people’s desperation. I suppose if your mates ran payday loan companies or foodbank organisations or might want the prison population increased so they could profit from free forced labour it might make perfect sense.


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2 Responses to Joined up thinking

  1. rosylips says:

    or what about a cull of the population? what if that was convenient? Have you also noticed a sharp rise in missing persons only to be found floating in the nearest river? Its certainly one way of ensure the number of ‘claimants’ is reduced. When will the Government realise that every single day is a struggle for people on benefits and that most people actually do want to work so long as their children are in safe hands and they are not actually WORSE OFF working. Yes worse off AND not able to spend time with their own children. Through the media they have portrayed the unemployed and sick as people living in the lap of luxury or hopelessly unfit to manage their finances….anything but people who are actually looking to work for a decent wage with a decent company, of which there are a dwindling number. Fecksake they have even introduced fees to take your employer to a Trubunal giving organisations a free reign to basically do as they please with their workers without too much to worry about. Am I cynical?

  2. rosylips says:

    Oh one of the many other things that enrages me is the fact that in the 90s the Government funded all these ‘benefit advisors’ who helped claimants get benefits (sometimes substantially backdated) that they either didn’t know were available or had been refused previously. These advisors were well versed in using the correct terminology to ensure claims for benefits such as attendance allowance and invalidity benefit were valid. These advisors also had to report back to their ‘Community programme’ employer with statistics on their successes. Some of these same claimants will now be getting their benefits cut and questions asked as to why they were on the benefit in the first place. Oh my Lord! It defies belief.

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