Social justice

That’s an interesting phrase, isn’t it? Social justice. It sounds like something we could all get behind. Something done by good people interested in fighting for us. We’re all in it for social justice together. That’s probably why the Centre for Social Justice chose it. They are a ‘thinktank’ who produce ‘studies’ on what they consider to be the burning social issues of the day. Let’s have a look at their latest press release.

Children from the poorest homes risk becoming an “educational underclass”, starting school in nappies and behaving like toddlers, says research from the Centre for Social Justice.

Huh. Hmm. That seems pretty definitive, eh? Sounds like they must have some pretty heavyweight research to back this broad-sweeping statement up. Let’s keep going though.

The study talks of the impact of family breakdown on children and how much they can be damaged by instability in their home life.

The lack of a male role model in families is also described as a factor affecting pupils’ behaviour.

Oh no! I’m going to have to get out my ‘single mothers are to blame’ klaxon already!

It warns of children who arrive at school already far behind their classmates and who are too immature to begin learning lessons.

“In one school, some children at four years old are developmentally nearer to two when they start school,” says Sir Robin.

This means that children need to be helped to catch up as quickly as possible, he says, which, rather than learning formal lessons, might be about being taught to use a knife and fork or to improve very poor language skills.

Even after a year these pupils might still not be able to recognise that words are read from left to right, says the report.

Oh dear, these poor people really are making a terrible job of bringing up their children, aren’t they. We’d better Do Something About This. Obviously it’s because they’ve spent all their benefits on fags and flat screen tellies

“Emotional neglect” from disengaged parents is also a damaging factor for children’s development, says the study. There are also 700,000 children living with parents who are “dependent drinkers” and 335,000 with “dependent drug users”.

…oh yeah, and booze and smack of course, and are far too busy shooting up to be bothered teaching their children how to use a fork and knife or wipe their own bottoms properly. All of them. All poor people. Note the use of ‘children’ almost throughout this article, not ‘some children’, ‘a minority of children’ or ‘a few children’. Also ‘parents’, as a homogenous group. This is deliberate. But hang on, what’s this?

A head teacher told researchers…

A head teacher told the researchers…

An unnamed head teacher told researchers …

One head teacher? The same one head teacher? You’re putting out a ‘study’ which is doing its utmost best to smear all poor parents as feckless lazy irresponsible scum in an attempt to influence policymakers and you only spoke to one head teacher?

They’ve been at this for years too. Every ‘report’ or ‘study’ they get in the press is basically a rehash of the same barely-concealed hatred of the poor, backed up with ‘I spoke to this bloke down the pub and he said…’ anecdotes. And yet the BBC and the mainstream press print it without question or analysis. The constant drip-drip-drip of ‘poor people are bad and should have their children removed for their own good’ is quite sickening.

‘Social Justice’, lol.


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