Lie back and think of Scotland

Scotland now rather unbelievably has its first UKIP MEP, happy happy joy all round. Here he is. 


He’s started as he means to go on today with the pronouncement that to sort out Scotland’s economic need for more working-age population to help pay for our older people’s pensions, healthcare etc we just need to have more babies. We don’t need any of those nasty immigrants coming over here, wilfully paying their taxes, contributing to our society, no! – what we need is our indigenous women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Everyone knows that’s what women really want, anyway, don’t they? At least, the ones that don’t want to get to the top, anyway. Although, don’t expect to go back to work on the same terms as you left it in UKIP-land, because Nigel Farage says that you’re not worth as much as a man once you have a baby.

 “I don’t believe that in the big banks and brokerage houses and Lloyds of London and everyone else in the City, I do not believe there is any discrimination against women at all.

“I think young, able women that are prepared to sacrifice the family life and stick with their career will do as well if not better than men.”

Yes, because men have to sacrifice having a family in order to do well in their career, don’t they, so that’s only fair. Oh wait.

Also, hell mend you if your partner should unexpectedly leave you in the lurch after you’ve patriotically got pregnant for Scotland, because the sort of people who fund UKIP don’t approve of single mothers one little bit.

 “First of all, the question is why should unwed mothers be given anything? They have been naughty girls, and should be given a good smack.”

So, to recap:

– women need to have more babies, it’s our patriotic duty to stem the flow of nasty foreign types coming over here and taking our jobs that we haven’t currently got enough people to fill

– but don’t be expecting to carry on as a full member of society afterwards, it’s the kitchen sink for you once you’ve sprogged because no employer worth their salt will want you

– if your man leaves you then everything will become Your Fault (you are a single mother after all, everything’s ALWAYS our fault) so don’t be expecting any benefits or a roof over your head or any of that good stuff, and rich supercilious men will be legally entitled to slap you up and down the street on sight

So thanks, you UKIP-voting 10.4% of the 33% of the Scottish electorate who bothered to turn out to vote, this is what you’ve given us. And see the rest of you? Get the finger out on September the 18th and vote Yes in the independence referendum, or we’ve got more of this sort of woman-hating nonsense to look forward to.









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