A woman who made up her own mind

Better Together have lost it. In a move almost beyond parody (but not quite… see #PatronisingBTLady on twitter for lols) they’ve released a Referendum Broadcast today appealing to undecided women voters by, er, telling them it’s all too complicated and scary and that they haven’t really got time to worry their pretty little heads about such things because the weans and the husband need their breakfast getting.

It shows a woman in her kitchen (because that’s where we belong, obviously) bemoaning her husband boring on about the referendum. Because, you know, politics is boring. You should find it boring, because you’re a woman. Politics is for the menz. Women don’t pay any attention to politics after all do we? She can’t even remember the name of our First Minister, you know the one the country elected with a majority, he’s just ‘that guy aff the telly’. That politics, it’s all so very far above our engagingly fluff-and-kitten-filled heads. We’d never bother to do our own digging about whether the oil is ‘a bit too good to be true’, because we have female intuition and snap judgements you see, and they’re much better than talking to knowledgable people and making up your mind based on hard well-researched fact. Besides, we’re too busy in our kitchens. And our teenagers are only interested in their phones. Eat your cereal.

Soon she realises she’s gone off topic a bit and gets back to the really important thing women should be concerned about at all times – our children! And our children’s children! And how afraid we should be for them! Look, here’s some lingering shots of a Hotwheels car, a colouring book and some juice. Do you want your weans to have no Hotwheels cars, colouring books or juice in an independent Scotland? DO YOU? You heartless Yes-voting wenches! 

Is this really what the No campaign thinks of us? Of women? Of ordinary Scots? Of children? Even my 8 year old could give you a set of bullet points of why we would be better off under independence. They think we’re thick and they think we don’t care about politics. Well, they’re wrong. And on the 19th of September they’re going to see just how wrong.






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6 Responses to A woman who made up her own mind

  1. daibhidhdeux says:

    BT have really excelled themselves here with this patronising, self-destructive drivel: Are they hell bent on destroying their beloved “Union” with their constant stream of self-evident lies, and utterly offensive gobbets of guff like this classic piece of, excuse me, pish?

    Their campaign will surely go down in history as a how-not-to-do-it exemplar for its total incompetence, feral malignity, and barrage of bold-as-brass untruths off the Orwellian Richter Scale.

    Fcuk them and the apocalyptic, BritNat horse they rode in on, and hell mend them when, post-referendum, they have to boil it down for glue.

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  3. Jennifer says:

    OMG! The patronising, condescending, neanderthals! Do they really think that all women today are as dense as this muppet?? I know some who are [unfortunately] but the rest of us are capable of rational and intelligent thought and can read behind the sensational headlines that the mainstream media (who are all in the pockets of Westminster I might add) produce. Believe it or not David Cameron, [I’m such a clever bunny, I know the Prime Ministers name] we are capable of seeing whats going on around us and we are capable of researching the figures and making up our own minds whether they stack up or not.
    I’m a woman; a mother, a wife and a very proud Scot and I [strongly] believe that the best thing for our country, our future, our childrens’ future and the future of the generations that come behind them is to vote YES on the 18th. We need to take control away from Westminster so that we can shape our own destiny. Look at the opportunities that we can create for our children when we have full control of ALL revenues raised in Scotland. We do a pretty good job with what we have (free prescriptions, care for the elderly, education etc) so just imagine what we could do with so much more? We do relatively well DESPITE Westminster, not because of them – lets put an end to the barbaric attacks on the most vulnerable in society (eg: bedroom tax) and lets help support them during the most difficult times of their lives. Yes, we need to sort out the work shy and stop disability/health related benefits being claimed fraudulently but we can do so with a hell of a lot more compassion than what Westminster has shown. I find it appalling that they can tax someone who cannot work through severe ill health but they can ignore the blatant tax avoidance schemes enjoyed by the super rich (‘Sir’ Ian Woods and half of David Cameron’s cronies in the #richboysclub amongst them) and companies like Starbucks, Amazon etc etc get away with paying very little – I believe that every penny these companies earn in Scotland should be taxed in Scotland and the revenues passed to OUR treasury. They should not be allowed to operate here and put all their profits in to the Cayman Isles (or wherever else) and meanwhile the number of families reliant on foodbanks in our country increases on a daily basis! Lets end this disparity by voting YES and voting for change.

  4. Herringbone says:

    Best response I’ve read today, you’re my new superhero! Cutting this out for my scrapbook now. Keep it up xx

  5. filemissile says:

    Thank you
    Blog fantastic
    Good luck

  6. Vlad says:

    Repost of this has gone, what might be considered, Viral on the Yes Fife FB page (106 shares and just shy of 20k views… Keep it up. 🙂

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