No Thanks

Ok, so the #PatronisingBTLady broadcast was a bit of light relief. It was so pathetically badly-aimed it was actually funny. But back to cold reality now. David Cameron is coming to Glasgow for a jolly today to butter-up the CBI at their annual dinner at the Hilton. The CBI is a group of bosses, representing the interests of the bosses. They registered as an official No campaigner without consulting their membership in April then swiftly about-turned and deregistered again shortly afterwards because there was a bit of a stooshie about it. So, The CBI are not officially No campaigners. Are you keeping up so far?

At this not-officially-a-No-campaign-event dinner tonight, David Cameron will tell his audience that Scottish voters ‘should not abandon one of the oldest and most successful single markets in the world’. He will tell them this in a city in which even the council isn’t sure how many people are relying on foodbanks to survive (they know there’s at least 46 foodbanks operating though), in a city in which a third of all children are living in poverty (in Glasgow North-East it’s 43%), in a city which has the highest unemployment rate in the UK.  I bet he will even have the bare-faced temerity to use the phrase ‘Better Together’ at some point. He will tell them this at a dinner for 230 guests, a single dinner on which the CBI is spunking just under ten thousand pounds. How do I know this figure? Because the Electoral Commission is making them provide accounts proving it is less than £10k.

The CBI was told that since it was providing a platform for Mr Cameron to make the case against independence – and not offering a similar platform to the Yes side – it was not allowed to spend more than £10,000 on the annual event.

That meant that the dinner in Glasgow had to be scaled back, with a reduced menu and the scrapping of the usual fripperies, including flowers. “It will be a more modest affair,” said one CBI insider.

That means that they were planning on spending more than £10k, until those Electoral Commission spoilsports came along with their big party-pooper rules. These are the people Cameron is appealing to when he comes to Glasgow today. He’s not talking to you or I and asking for our vote to stay in the Union. He’s talking way, far, far above our heads.

The No campaign was funny yesterday. Today it’s just grossly insulting.




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