Rot in hell, Tory bastards

Let me tell you what it’s like to wake up and find yourself a single mother of three children. To find you’re suddenly without an income or any realistic means of earning one because you’ve got two kids still not even at primary school yet and another one literally a babe in arms. Three children that you need to feed somehow, to house, that you know keep relentlessly growing out of their clothes and their shoes every few months, that you need to pay for heating for to keep them all alive in the Scottish winters, where the hell is all that money going to come from? Not from their dad in my case, who I didn’t get any money out of on a regular basis until five whole years later, after a lot of wrangling via the CSA. Do you know what it’s like? It’s terrifying. Proper staring-into-the-abyss terrifying. I barely slept for a month. I staggered blindly between phone calls and letters to the DWP and HMRC inbetween feeding the baby and changing two sets of nappies and consoling an upset 4 year old, trying to understand governmental red tape while my head was still firmly up my arse from the breakup, because if I didn’t somehow sort it out we weren’t going to eat. I’ve never felt so crushingly responsible in my whole life.

I wonder if George Osborne has any concept at all of that fear. I’m not sure which is more upsetting, the thought that he’s lived such an overprivileged life that he genuinely can’t conceive of the terror of being suddenly made vulnerable like that, or the thought that he’s actually just a heartless bastard and doesn’t give two fucks for the women who will suffer when he takes tax credits away for third and subsequent children for new claimants.

Because it is women who will suffer here, let’s get that straight: 92% of single parents are women and we’ve already borne the brunt of the cuts made since 2010. And despite what Channel 5 and the Daily Mail keep shoving down your throats, most of us will do whatever it takes to cushion our children from the worst of poverty. There were already times when I didn’t eat properly to make sure my children did when I was on Income Support, before I went back to work when the littlest one was 16 months.  How much worse is it going to be now, for women who find themselves in the position I did? People will trot out that well-worn line about how you shouldn’t have children if you can’t afford them. Well, I had them when I could afford them. Then he left us. That wasn’t in the plan. I know other women whose plans went tits-up like that too, some with awful and tragic consequences for their mental health. Why would you take away some of that absolutely vital safety net?

They keep saying it’s not right that we should leave our debts for ‘our children’ to sort out. But they don’t mean our children. They mean theirs. They mean our children and us mothers can starve so theirs can keep going to Swiss finishing schools.


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11 Responses to Rot in hell, Tory bastards

  1. Because it’s easier to make the cuts to people he believes have no power (and the election didn’t do anything to shake that), than to have to avoid the eye of a couple of people at his club for a few weeks. People who don’t know what it’s like and even if he closed every tax loophole on the book and made them pay 5 years back taxes, would ever be in the situation of no knowing where their next meal was coming from.
    Even though I didn’t have kids at the time, there have been times when I’ve survived on toast once a day because I had to go through a million hoops and made to feel like a criminal because I had the audacity to ask for help when I got sick.

    They don’t care. They are Tories, not caring is their thing.
    They are cruel, evil and selfish.
    Revolution, sister.

  2. dazzlecakes says:

    Tax credits will be limited to 2 children…for children born after april 2017. So it’s not really correct to say that you’re temoving a vital safety net from those with more than 3 children already.

    If you’re moaning that people going forward won’t be able to have more than 3 children and guarantee tax credits, I’m afraid my very unsympathetic advice is either a) plan better- have savings. Have insurance. Have a backup plan. Protect yourself. Or….b) don’t have more than 2 children

  3. Anne says:

    Why should my taxes pay to supplement your lifestyle anyway? Frankly if the cuts make you get off your arse and properly work for a living instead of leeching off the state (and me) then they’re a good thing. It’s really inspiring how the immigrants from eastern Europe have come here and prospered by being prepared to work hard and better themselves, rather than moaning they’re not entitled to more of other people’s money on the internet. If you can’t find a job then freelance or show some initiative. You can obviously write English just fine, there’s a tonne of stuff you could be doing.

    Of course we need a welfare state for the elderly (although even there you should be responsible for your own retirement) and those disabled through no fault of their own. But people like you who could work harder but with a massive sense of entitlement? You should be getting virtually nothing.

    The only thing I agree with you over is your ex-partner should be responsible and paying his fair share from the moment he walked out of the door. Otherwise as a country we need to incentivise people like you by slashing welfare to the bone. You’re not entitled to any of my income through taxes and the sooner you’re forced to realise that the better.

    • Not that it’s any of your business, you miserable sour unhappy person, but I do work and have done since my youngest was barely walking, as you would know if you’d actually read it properly. I hope you lose your job and find out just how quickly it all falls to pieces.

    • 1) What would you prefer for your taxes to go towards? Personally I’d rather see my taxes go towards supporting someone raising children – vital, necessary work that is literally needed for the human race to survive – than, for instance, being claimed in expenses so some MP can keep up the repairs on his fucking moat.
      2) According to the Office for National Statistics, there were 735,000 job vacancies for the three months ending February 2015 (–Vacancies). For the three months ending January 2015, so more or less the same period, there were 1.86 million unemployed people (–Unemployment). Think about the number 1,860,000, then compare it to the number 735,000, then explain to me how you expect benefit cuts to incentivise 1,860,000 to fit into 735,000 jobs, you fucking clown.

    • Oh and these disabled people like me, through no fault of my own – whatever that’s supposed to mean, get hounded by government agencies who demand to know if you’re fit for work despite 8 years worth of medical reports confirming that I am actually getting worse.
      I had an Atos doctor in my house last year who wrote a report to the DWP to say that there was nothing wrong with me.
      Thankfully, my doctors were very happy to tell him exactly why he was wrong on my behalf.

      People like me are treated like lying criminals because we use the welfare state for what it was intended for.
      The tories use the welfare state as a stick to beat poor and disabled people with and quaff champagne with their mates on the weekends at their private clubs.
      The same mates who have tax bills of billions of pounds in unpaid taxes.
      These same mates who, if they were made to pay all of their taxes, still wouldn’t have to worry about how to feed their kids.

      People like you who have this ‘I’m alright and sod the rest’ mentality really make me sick.
      You’ve no idea what it’s like to be in my position, or the writer of this blogs.
      But you see fit to insult us and assume that we have problems because we’re feckless and not because the government in this country is full of lying, corrupt, criminals who only care about themselves and their money.

      I worked for many years and paid my taxes willingly, knowing that the welfare state is to help people, not humiliate them.

      I hope you find a way of making your money make you happy, because clearly, your intelligence and compassion are missing presumed voting tory.

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    Class fucking war!

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